Music Center based on:

  • Raspberry PI 3 B1 Computer
  • HiFi Berry Digi+ Pro Soundcard
  • 7“ Raspberry Touch Screen
  • Volumio Audiophile Music Player

Use Case:

  • Load your Music Archive to connected network drives, USB discs or to the internal SD card
  • Connect with YouTube, Spotify and more
  • Stream all available Interner Radio Stations
  • Control directly with the 7“ Touch screen or over any device in the same network domain in any Browser

CAD Models: GrabCAD

Get the Volumio Image (Includes Operating System and Volumio Audio Player Software) for the Raspberry here: Raspberry Image


  1. Just Download the Image to your Desktop, format a fast CD Card (SD Card Formatter) and Install the Image on the SD Card (WinDiskImager).
  2. Put the SD Card in the Raspberry
  3. Connect Touch Screen (DSI Cable) to Raspberry DSI Display Port
  4. Mount the HiFi Berry directly on the Raspberry GPIO Port
  5. Connect everything as described below
  6. Power on the System and follow the Volumio Instructions





The real Thing: